Adventure Trip, Andes to the Ocean

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Many refer to it as the Valley of Life. Its weather, as its history and people, is filled with contrast.
Pura Vida Patagonia invites you to enjoy a “Grand River” that offers us along the way an infinite variety of birds, such as pink flamingos, ducks, blackneck swans, etc., from its source in the city of Neuquén to the place where it practically comes to an end, the city of Viedma.
A river that each year hosts the most popular international Olympic kayaking race, with the participation of more than eighty competitors from all over the world.
The result of the meeting of two mountain rivers – the Limay and the Neuquén -, the Río Negro cuts across the semi-desertic Patagonian territory to produce a wide and deep valley that runs from west-northeast to east-southeast. This is indeed a river oasis, with deep and rich soil boxed within the plateau.
The city of Neuquén will be our meeting point. Our utility vehicle will take us from there to the Río Negro, where we will get to know our kayaks and the rest of the group. We will then pack, listen to a safety talk, and climb on board.
The Limay River, which joins the Neuquén River to give birth to the Río Negro and flow into the Atlantic Ocean, represents the natural draining place for Lake Nahuel Huapi (meaning “Tiger Island” in Araucan).

Summary of the trip

Type: 14 days touring kayak
Start: Black river, Neuquén city
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Sights: wildlife, Rivers, Photography, crossing Argentina from the Andes to the sea
Black river’s harvest area.
Fauna/Flora: guanacos/birds/trout/fox/great number of birds
Includes: kayaks, paddles, English-speaking guides, delicious meals, camping gear (except for sleeping bag and insulation pads), insurance


Physical shape in accordance with the activity to carry out
Swimming ability
Will to strictly follow the indications of the guides, and to enjoy adventure in Patagonia
No prior experience required
Minimum number of passengers: 2
Having read the General Conditions and submitted a signed copy of the Disclaimer

The outing is available from September to April, even with rain or snow.
We must bear in mind that this is a true touring kayak expedition, which means that we are self-sufficient, carrying in our kayaks everything we need for the trip.