Adventure Trip, Lake Gutierrez Crossing


When time is an issue, Pura Vida Patagonia offers a full-day outing on Lake Gutiérrez, surrounded by towering snowy peaks and dense native forests.
Should you be unable to check in at our office, please call us one day earlier to confirm the exact time and place where we will pick you up, and do not forget to advise us on any special detail we may need to know.


It all begins with our passengers being picked up at their hotel with our registered utility vehicles.
Once everyone is on board, we will drive to our exclusive boarding place on Lake Gutiérrez, the Estancia Peuma Hue inn, a unique spot on the shores of this fine lake. Our guides will be waiting for us with all the gear ready.
Backpacks with passengers’ extra clothing will remain in our utility vehicles.
Cap, gloves, sunscreen, water, and a photograph camera will be the essential items to carry on the kayak. Let Pura Vida worry about all the rest.
Our guides will be introduced to the group, and will begin to equip everyone with a neoprene spray skirt, waterproof NRS jackets with thermosealed seams imported from the US, special kayaking lifesavers, NRS paddles imported from the US, and neoprene gloves (we recommend that you wear woolen or fleece gloves below these in wintertime).
Dry NRS bags imported from the US will be placed at the disposal of passengers to protect their photograph cameras. Should these bags fall into the water, they will keep the cameras inside dry and afloat.
Once the passengers are all geared up, the guides will give a talk on safety, explaining from how to climb onboard a kayak to what to do in the event of unexpected experiences.
We will then get on board and determine the paddling route depending on weather conditions (calm or windy) and on the needs of the group.
The length of our stay on the lake will be approximately 5 hours, including a lunch stop at Muñoz Beach, in the middle of the mountains, an entirely different beach environment with magnificent views.
At this spot, our guide will open the kayak’s watertight compartments to bring out tables, stools, a stove, an Essen pot, snacks, soft drinks, mineral water, and a wide variety of piping-hot local turnover pastries (chicken, meat, Roquefort, capresse, spinach, ham & cheese, corn, etc.) The menu will have been previously arranged according to each group, due to which we need to know in advance whether anyone is a vegetarian or has any type of diet restriction.
Dessert will vary depending on the weather: on sunny days we will have season fruit in a truly surprising arrangement; otherwise, custard with milk jam.
After such grand meal and a short rest, we will hop aboard to paddle some more to other lake spots, until we arrive to our exclusive boarding spot at the El Retorno inn. There, we will dress in our regular clothes and enjoy the magnificent surroundings while sipping a beer, a cup of coffee & milk, some tea, or a soft drink, courtesy of Pura Vida.
Once the day comes to an end, and with a special and pleasant feeling of exhaustion, we will take a 20-minute drive back to Bariloche.

Summary of our outing

Type: kayaking
Start: Lago Gutierrez
Degree of difficulty: easy/medium
Sights: wildlife, local culture, Photography, trekking
Fauna/Flora: birds/trout
Includes: kayaks, paddles, English-speaking guides, delicious meals, camping gear, insurance


Physical shape in accordance with the activity to carry out.
Swimming ability.
Will to strictly follow the indications of the guides, and to enjoy adventure in Patagonia.
No prior experience required.
Minimum number of passengers: 2.
Read and accept the General Conditions and submit a signed copy of the Disclaimer.

The outing is available throughout the year, even with rain or snow.
We must bear in mind that this is a true touring kayak expedition, which means that we are self-sufficient, carrying in our kayaks everything we need for the trip.