Adventure Sunset Kayak trip

  • Sunset kayak in Bariloche


Sunset kayaking on the shores of Lake Gutiérrez

Ever dreamed of being part of a magic adventure within a unique natural environment?
We will pick you up at your hotel at about 5.30 PM for a 20-minute drive to our exclusive boarding spot at the El Retorno inn.
Our staff will be waiting to help us on board for one of the most incredible moments on the lake: LATE AFTERNOON.

Backpacks with passengers’ extra clothing will remain in our utility vehicles.
Cap, gloves, sunscreen, water, and a photograph camera will be the essential items to carry on the kayak. Let Pura Vida worry about all the rest.
Our guides will be introduced to the group, and will begin to equip everyone with a neoprene spray skirt, waterproof NRS jackets with thermosealed seams imported from the US, special kayaking lifesavers, NRS paddles imported from the US, and neoprene gloves (we recommend that you wear woolen or fleece gloves below these in wintertime).
Dry NRS bags imported from the US will be placed at the disposal of passengers to protect their photograph cameras. Should these bags fall into the water, they will keep the cameras inside dry and afloat.
Once the passengers are all geared up, the guides will give a talk on safety, explaining from how to climb onboard a kayak to what to do in the event of unexpected experiences.
We will then get on board and determine the paddling route depending on weather conditions (calm or windy) and on the needs of the group.
The length of our stay on the lake will be approximately 1.45 hours, including a stop on some lonely and paradisiacal beach for a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa with regional alfajores.
Discover an activity that will fill you with good moments, with the unique sensation of floating very close to the surface, immersed in a different world.
We will then climb back on board and return to the El Retorno inn, where we will use its facilities to dress in our regular clothes prior to our 20-minute drive to town.

Summary of our outing

Pick up: 17.30 hr.
Activity: 1.45 hr. Touring kayak.
Place: Lago Gutiérrez.
Includes: kayaks, paddles, English-speaking guides, delicious meals, insurance.


Level: No prior experience required
10 year old.
Minimum number of passengers: 2
Season: Diciembre – Abril