Adventure Kayak, Limay River 5 days

  • Kayak in Patagonia


The natural drainage area of Lake Nahuel Huapi (or “Tiger Island”, in the Mapuche aborigine tongue), is the Limay River, which joins the Neuquén River to form the Negro River, and further empty in the Atlantic Ocean.

Why not enjoy an experience that will leave an everlasting impression, with a taste of life in the river? Five days and four nights of camping, games, trekking, and swimming, getting to know the few and wonderful Patagonian dwellers.
Kayaking from the mouth of the Limay River until it meets the Traful River (a spot known as “Confluencia”, or “Meeting of the Waters”), we reach a huge lake formed by the Alicurá dam.


Previous day: If it is not possible for you to check in at our office, we ask that you call us on the previous day to confirm the exact time and place to pick you up, and so that we may answer any last-minute queries.

Day 1: We meet at the arranged place for the transfer to the source of the river, where we become acquainted with our kayaks and the rest of the group while we pack. After a brief talk on kayaking safety and orientation, we are ready to begin our trip. We will kayak the Limay River until reaching the Rincón Chico area, where we will set up our camp.

Day 2: On this day, we row half our journey from its central point, getting to know the river folk, their customs, and their anecdotes.

Day 3: In the morning, we prepare our kayaks to continue exploring this steppe river. After lunch, we approach the Enchanted Valley, with strange rock formations that make it a unique spot. After a pleasant day, we reach the place where the Limay and Traful rivers meet at approximately 3 pm. Here, we set up our camp.

Day 4: In the morning, we leave behind the Enchanted Valley to kayak the last section of the river, where the Limay rapids could once be rafted prior to the building of the dam. The water will feel heavier, marking our entry to the lake, our last “host”. We will kayak quite close to a trout hatchery. Trout was first brought to the region from the northern hemisphere back in 1903. We will search for a nice spot where to camp and spend the night under a starry sky.

Day 5: Immersed in the steppe, and touring places only visited by PURA_VIDAPATAGONIA, we stop at a ghost town that was home to 7000 souls during the construction of the dam. Upon our arrival to the dam, we climb onboard a van to mark the end of our expedition with our return trip to the town of Bariloche.

Summary of the trip

5 days touring kayak
Limay River
Difficulty level: 
kayaks, rowing gear, english-speaking guides, delicious meals, camping gear (except for sleeping bag and insulation pads), insurance.
Sights/what to do: 
wildlife, local culture, Enchanted Valley, Photography, trekking, Fish Farm.
Guanacos, trouts, birds.


  1. Physical shape in accordance with the activity to carry out.
  2. Swimming ability.
  3. Will to strictly follow the indications of the guides, and to enjoy adventure in Patagonia.
  4. No prior experience required.
  5. Minimum number of passengers: 2.
  6. Read and accept the General Conditions and submit a signed copy of the Disclaimer.


The outing is available from september to april, even with rain or snow.

Depending on weather conditions, the place of the outing could change.
We must bear in mind that this is a true touring kayak expedition, which means that we are self-sufficient, carrying in our kayaks everything we need for the trip.