Pumalin Fiords


Before anything else, we will enjoy a refreshing soak at the Llancahué Hot Springs, located on an island of the same name, near Hornopirén. The Hot Springs have two outdoor pools surrounded by trees and a beautiful view of the ocean.

The fiords we will tour on this adventure are the Quintupeu, Cahuelmo and part of the Comau. The Quitupeu fiord, traveling from north to south, is the first that can be seen and its entrance almost coincides with the point of the island Llancahué, making the navigation to this point very protected from the winds coming from the west. The entrance to the fiord is narrow and protected by large cliffs, both above sea level and under.

Once inside, the fiord demonstrates the full magnitude of its beauty. It has a couple of beaches where you can stop to rest, however one of the main attractions here is the deafening water falling from the southern side of the fiord, fed by rain, streams, and springs, that fall spectacularly into the waters of the fiord. At the end, we will meet at the mouth of the river where the camping area is located on a grassy space surrounded by forests and protected from the wind

To get to the Cahuelmo fiord, we will have to work our way through the Comau, a stretch that is a little exposed to the wind and waves. The first attraction here is the group of sea lions that can be found on the shores of the fiord, near the eastern mouth. The entrance is wider; however, the same as with the Quintupeu, the sides are almost vertical and heavily forested. At the end of the fiord and the on the shores of the ocean, are the Cahuelmo Hot Springs. Different from Quintupeu, at Cahuelmo there is some park infrastructure. There is a large barbeque area, a bridge that connects the hot springs with the camping area and a public washroom. The hot springs are a group of pools of different sizes and depths, made in petrified shells.


Day 1.
Meet in Puerto Varas at 8:30 AM and transfer to a place near Hornopirén. After this we will set up the first camp to do a small paddling and navigating practice up to the Llancahué Hot Springs.

Day 2.
Navigate to the Cahuelmo fiord, passing in front of the entrance to the Quintupeu fiord. We will make camp at the end of the Cahuelmo fiord beside the hot springs.

Day 3.
Day of rest at the hot springs that can be complimented with a walk up the river, wading through it at points.

Day 4.
Navigate from the Cahuelmo fiord to the end of the Quintupeu fiord. We will camp beside the river, which we can walk up for a while with the purpose of looking at the plants and birds in the area, or fishing for dinner.

Day 5.
This day we will navigate back to our starting point, where we started our last part of the trip. This consists of a transfer by land to Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas.

Day 6.
This day has been included in the program just in case there are bad weather conditions and we won’t be able to go out on the water safely and we are obligated to spend more time than estimated at one of the camp sites.

Trip Details:


Over 18 years of age.
Physical condition compatible with the activity.
Know how to swim.


4 nights of camping.
Transfer in our vehicles from Puerto Varas to where we’ll put in the water and vice versa.
Food in camps.
Kayak equipment (double or single kayaks, lifejackets, paddles, spray skirts, safety equipment, dry bags).
Camping equipment (tents, mattresses, pots, dishes).
Bilingual guide and assistant.

Does Not Include

Accommodations in Puerto Varas.
Transfers from the hotel-airport-hotel.
Personal equipment (sleeping bag, camping clothes, and personal objects).
Meals not mentioned in the program.


Groups of 4 or more people can choose a date to do the trip.