Rafting Tambopata River

Jungle Rafting – Head Water of the Amazon Tambopata River

This unique white-water rafting expedition takes place in one of the most remote corners of the Peruvian rainforest, the Tambopata/ Candamo Natural Reserve, at the edge of the Amazon Basin, near the Bolivian and Brazilian borders . This trip has all of the ingredients of an epic and unforgettable ¨journey-of-a-lifetime¨.
Our expedition starts on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world at 15,480 meters above sea level. From the town of Juliaca, we travel across the altiplano into high tropical rain forest, where we begin our rafting journey. We leave behind the last signs of pioneer farmers, gold -panners and human settlements, as we enter the magical and mysterious world of the Amazon rainforest. For seven days, we raft through a natural habitat seeing a high diversity of plants and animals, including 8 species of macaws, 13 species of monkeys, 530 species of birds, ocelot, jaguar, capybara, tapir, caiman, and the giant river otter
Running Class III and IV rapids, we finally arrive at the famous macaw lick (see National Geographic; January 1994). Waking-up at our campsite at dawn, we have a perfect view of these magnificent birds. From here, we begin our return journey by a motorized dugout canoe, to the frontier town of Puerto Maldonado and then by airplane to Cusco.

Jungle Rafting – Head Water of the Amazon Tambopata River Trip Itinerary

Reception at Juliaca. We board the bus that will be taking us across the altiplano over a 15,000´ pass and down to the jungle, to our put-in on the edge of the Amazon Basin. (B+L+D)

As we leave the last traces of civilization behind, we enter a pristine rain forest using the river as a highway. We will raft down the Tambopta River camping on sandy beaches where we will have a chance to encounter wildlife. (B+L+D).

Surrounded by lush vegetation, we will run class III and IV rapids. There is also  a good chance of seeing monkeys, capybaras, tapirs and giant river otters, among other animals. Our journey will take us through to the macaw lick, where we will spend the night camping on the river shore. At the crack of dawn, we will see a rowdy crowd of macaws with their variegated brilliance spattering the clay riverbank. Later, a dugout motor canoe will meet us  to take us to the frontier town of Puerto Maldonado, where we will spend the night in a hotel. Here, our services will end. (B+L).

Early morning flight from Puerto Maldonado back to Cusco.
At this point, you can take an optional trip in Cusco and Machupicchu.



  • All rafting equipment (self -bailing rafts).
  • Professional guides, cooks etc.
  • Transportation from Juliaca to the river.
  • Double occupancy tents.
  • All meals while on the trip


Does not include:

  • Flights to Juliaca or from Puerto Maldonado.
  • Meals while in the cities.
  • Personal equipment and clothing.


Time of the year:

May to November.