Accesible trips

  • Viajes accesibles en kayak

Touring or sea kayaking provides us with a great advantage: free movement, which allows us to access places visited by many only in their dreams PURA_VIDAPATAGONIA proposes and strives to demonstrate that no “barriers” stand before the touring kayak for the enjoyment of this treasure.

Enter the concept of “Accessible Tourism”, where each person can enjoy a unique experience, floating in the middle of a lake and feeling absolutely personal sensations

  • Persons with mobility impairment: Pura Vida Patagonia has double kayaks, quite stable and wide, which allow a safe and pleasant activity, always with the assistance of a specialized guide. Persons on wheelchairs or otherwise mobility-impaired, elderly people, children, and pregnant women, among others, can share with Pura Vida Patagonia the magic of the lake.
  • Blind or otherwise visually-impaired persons: The vastness of the lake is measured by our capacity to feel the depth of nature in our souls. Pura Vida Patagonia sees in kayaking the opportunity to discover water, with the guidance and assistance of specialists, and without any obstacles in our way. Touching the water, feeling the movement of our kayak, enjoying the air on our faces… these are but a few of the sensations you can experience with us!
  • Mentally-impaired persons: rowing in the middle of a peaceful lake allows us the opportunity to feel the wisdom of nature, and, thus, become aware of our own possibilities.
  • Hearing-impaired persons: There are no limitations in a kayak for someone who knows of the need to speak with the heart! Pura Vida Patagonia offers the opportunity to decipher the language of one of the great powers of nature, a unique language, where true sports specialists allow an undivided connection with the water, pure and crystal-clear.

We organize daily outings that take up half or a full day, with the assistance of guides specialized in this activity and in accessible tourism.
Our trips are adapted to the specific needs of each individual, as well as to the weather conditions at the moment.