Overnight January 27 & 28

Overnight January 27 & 28

Adventure Kayak Trip Limay River

Our two-day adventure trip begins at only 62 miles from the wet forest of Bariloche, in the middle of the Steppe, where it only rains 10 to 12 inches per year. In the Mapuche aborigine tongue, Limay means “crystal-clear”.
We kayak along this river until it meets the Traful River, rowing 3 to 4 hours a day on very calm waters, and enjoying unique scenery.
On our second day, we bear witness to the Patagonian past by taking part in an archaeological excavation with experts who teach and guide us, and we also share different activities with rural dwellers, which include a tasty Patagonian barbecue. With luck, we get to see guanacos, condors, eagles, trout, and other animal species, until we reach the Enchanted Valley, where the scenery is truly breathtaking. Three days getting to know and enjoying life in the Limay River, one of the true big clear water reservoirs in Argentine Patagonia. PURA_VIDAPATAGONIA invites you to discover a unique way of life on the river shores, among river folk…


Special consideration should be paid to this section with a view to guaranteeing our safety and comfort while on our kayaking outing.
Our kayaks are basically watertight, although small amounts of water may enter through their hatches. For this reason, we should pack our gear in dry waterproof bags. We will provide nylon bags for your gear, as well as dry bags for your camera and other valuables.
Temperature: Summer temperatures in our region are usually pleasant, ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with highs from December to January. Lows are usually registered during the winter (June-July-August), ranging from 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
Rain and wind may be present at any time of the year. We should be prepared to meet any change in the weather.
Please contact us when in doubt as to any item on the list.
Vessels: Double kayaks with rudder, imported from Canada. Very stable, easy to maneuver, and quite comfortable. Spray skirt, paddle, waterproof jacket, PFD, as well as neoprene gloves are contemplated for every passenger.
Water sneakers: We recommend carrying waterproof sneakers or water-resistant footwear, such as sandals or neoprene boots. Most of our guides use sandals during these outings.
Sunhat: A baseball cap or US Marine-type sunhat are ideal for these outings.
Woolen cap: A woolen or polartec cap always comes handy when temperature starts dropping.
Sunglasses & sunscreen: We are quite persistent on this: the sun in our region is quite tricky. The sunscreen used must be water repellant.
Medication: When carrying medication, please make sure that 1. you warn your guide on this and on the timetable for your medication; 2. you carry the name of the drug and its expiration date; 3. you carry the corresponding dose indications; 4. you pack it in waterproof bags; 5. you bring extra doses in a separate bag and leave this bag with your guide just in case you lose the one you carry.
Toilet paper: We provide a toilet bag, although you can bring your own toilet items.
Water bottles: We provide mineral water bottles. You can always bring cycling or Naigene bottles, which come quite handy.
Camera: Only in dry bags or boxes
Gloves: Only necessary during the cold seasons.
Refreshments: Coffee/tea and soft drinks will be available throughout the trip, while wine will accompany our dinners.
Camp footwear: One pair of sneakers or tennis shoes to use at the campsite.
Flashlights: Do not forget to bring batteries.
Personal items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, hair brush, etc.
Sleeping bag: One synthetic bag is recommended. When uncertain as to the weather, or lacking the adequate sleeping bag, contact us or check the local outdoor gear stores.

Our clothes should be in accordance with the time of the year we choose for the outing, although always bearing in mind that the temperature may drop and it may rain during any season. The most practical way to regulate our body temperature and remain warm is by dressing in layers (in true “onion” style). We recommend avoiding cotton garments, as these require a long period to dry, thus keeping us wet and making us feel cold. The ideal materials for the first layer, even when wet, are Lycra, polypropylene, nylon, and polyester. Synthetic material such as polartec provides an adequate second layer. Wool represents yet another alternative.
Rain pants & thin waterproof jacket: Recommended for the unexpected rain.
Windstopper: The rain jacket may also be used as windstopper.
Warm pants: 1 pair of polartec or other type of warm pants for the campsite. Jeans are not recommended.
Pants: 1 pair of light pants, of the quick-drying type
Sweaters: 2 warm polartec or synthetic sweaters.
Long-sleeve shirts: 3 (non-cotton).
T-shirts: 2 or 3.
Shorts: 2, preferably of the quick-drying type.
Socks: 2 pairs of warm socks, and 3 pairs of light socks for kayaking.
Change of clothing: To leave in the van for the return trip
Outdoor sanitary facilities

Kayaks leave no trail nor alter the vegetation in any way while sliding on the water. On dry land, however, we must be aware of our impact on the environment. PURA_VIDAPATAGONIA stresses the need not to leave any trace of our presence there!
Where do we wash ourselves? Is there any toilet facility available? These are some of the many questions travelers have. All our camping sites are set up in natural surroundings, with plenty of water to wash ourselves in the many rivers and lakes we navigate. No abrasive elements or contaminant detergents should be used.
Toilet facilities are not the rule where we camp. Our guides will indicate the proper way to sort this minor thing out, and will always carry a toilet kit with toilet paper, plastic bags, and a small shovel.
Summary of the trip

2 days touring kayak
Bahía Lopez
Difficulty level:
kayaks, rowing gear, english-speaking guides, delicious meals, camping gear (except for sleeping bag and insulation pads), insurance.
Sights/what to do:
wildlife, local culture, Photography, trekking.
birds, trouts.

Physical shape in accordance with the activity to carry out.
Swimming ability.
Will to strictly follow the indications of the guides, and to enjoy adventure in Patagonia.
No prior experience required.
Minimum number of passengers: 2.
Read and accept the General Conditions and submit a signed copy of the Disclaimer.

The outing is available from september to april, even with rain or snow.

Depending on weather conditions, the place of the outing could change.
We must bear in mind that this is a true touring kayak expedition, which means that we are self-sufficient, carrying in our kayaks everything we need for the trip.